1809-02-03Hamburg, Germany1847-11-04Leipzig, Germanymale

Lieder ohne Worte, arranged for Viola and Piano

Instrument List
Viola, Piano
Editing by
Wolfgang Birtel
Difficulty level
«Songs Without Words» - that's what Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy called his lyrical piano pieces, romantic miniatures in which the composer wanted to 'sing' on the keyboard instrument. With them, he invented an entirely new form of chamber music playing in the 19th century. These 'Songs' are also perfectly suitable for duet playing: for a melodic instrument with piano accompaniment. The «Song Without Words» op. 30, No. 3 is a rewarding lyrical solo piece.
Andante con moto E-major (op.19,1)
Adagio F-major (op.53,4)
Andante un poco agitato g-minor (op.102,4)
Allegro non troppe c-minor (op.38,2)
Schott, 1997
Robert Lienau Musikverlag (Bella & Semjon Kalinowsky), 2013
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