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Markus Heinrich Grauel

Little is known about Markus Heinrich Grauel. He was known as a cellist at the Prussian Hofkapelle of Friedrich II, and as a composer as well.
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Viola composer rediscovered

Alexander Presuhn

Not only did Alexander Presuhn arrange and compose approximately 50 music pieces for the stage, he also composed numerous pieces for and with “his” instrument, the viola.
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Friedrich Wilhelm Benda

Viola concerto in F major

Under the name Benda, manuscripts of three concerts for viola and orchestra have been preserved, which are kept by the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Prussian Cultural Heritage.
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Carl Smith

Hermann Ritter and his viola alta

Hermann Ritter, not much of a talk today, was one of the most renowned and influential personas in the history of viola. The viola alta used to be much better known than today. Ritter had many students, who again trained other violists.
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What makes for a great musician

Practice or Talent?

This age-old question is the subject of heated discussions, especially among musicians. What makes for a master, practice or talent? And how important are these two respectively for the success of the musician?  An input by Mascha Seitz.
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Famous composers

Georg Philipp Telemann

Georg Philipp Telemann was one of the most prominent composers of the Baroque era. He introduced innovative thinking into the world of music and changed the music of the early 18th century significantly. He left an impressive opus of 3600 works, including his world famous "Viola Concerto" in g major.
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The rich repertoire of Viola from Aaltonen to Zytowitsch.

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The Virginia Romance is dated July 5th, 1933. A sonorous piece, characterised by its theme in the prelude in G major, played in two different octaves by the viola, opens the short piece.
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