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An old craft made for eternity

Building violins, violas and cellos doesn't take place in quiet environments. Wolfram Neureither graduated from the violin maker’s school in Newark-on-Trent, England. There he learned to work without the burden of old traditions and the love to the details.
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Stories around the viola
Meeting with Franz Thomastik

I am in the process of restringing my Ritter viola with Belcanto strings by Thomastik-Infeld. Part of me loves the process, part of me despises it. I am happy for these are the only strings that fulfill my needs on this specific instrument. And I am unhappy about the strings being slightly too short to comfortably fit the 43cm mensur.
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Orchestra musician Martin Hahn
Where it all began...

Violist Martin Hahn is a versatile musician, pursuing various paths in his career. The most important one is his job with the Badische Philharmonie Pforzheim, the orchestra that accompanies all performances of the Musiktheater am Stadttheater Pforzheim, Germany.
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Dr. Konrad Ewald
Keeper of a Viola Treasure

The literature described in his epochal viola guide «Music for Viola» has all been played, described on index cards and archived by Konrad Ewald himself. Most of it is, or was, in his possession and is neatly arranged and filed.
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Georg Philipp Telemann

Georg Philipp Telemann was one of the most prominent composers of the Baroque era. He introduced innovative thinking into the world of music and changed the music of the early 18th century significantly.
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Markus Heinrich Grauel

Little is known about Markus Heinrich Grauel. He was known as a cellist at the Prussian Hofkapelle of Friedrich II, and as a composer as well.
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Famous viola soloists
Antoine Tamestit

There have been many well-known and virtuoso Viola players in the past. Today we will concentrate on an active musician who, in his younger years, became one of the greatest Viola players of his time. Let yourself be inspired by this young master...
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The rich repertoire of Viola from Aaltonen to Zytowitsch.


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