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Christmas songs...
... in special viola arrangements

The “Noëls”, the French Christmas songs, were very popular in France during the 18th century, and had often been arranged for different line-ups. The six magical “Symphonies Noël” by Corrette, appearing 1781 in Paris and Lyon were no exception.
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Tina Strinning
Playing and dancing...

...on ergonomically customized violas. The method is based on movement. That’s how kids are spared from tenseness. A special method of viola construction further serves this goal. Read about Tina with her children students.
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The viola at university
Rising Demand

In contrast to music school students, professionals need to explore the question of character and type: «Violists are less hurried, less competitive and aren’t looking for the spotlight... In the ensemble, violists take on the intermediary and connecting role», says Nicolas Corti, viola professor at the Zurich University for the Arts.
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The viola in music schools
A long awakened sleeping beauty

The specialist representative for violin and viola at the Music School Conservatory Zurich Ursula Schlatter, breaks any viola stereotypes right at the beginning of our conversation. Neither parents nor kids seem biased about the viola.
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Georg Philipp Telemann

Georg Philipp Telemann was one of the most prominent composers of the Baroque era. He introduced innovative thinking into the world of music and changed the music of the early 18th century significantly.
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The rich repertoire of Viola from Aaltonen to Zytowitsch.


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Alexander Presuhn

As music director of the theatre, he has not only arranged and composed about 50 music for the stage, but as composer he has also written numerous works for and with «his» instrument, the viola.
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