Bremen, Germanymale

1. Sonatine, for Viola and Piano

for Monika Zimmermann
Instrument List
Viola, Piano
Year (created)
Original Instrumentation
Directory, No.
op. 117
The three sonatinas by Eric Mayr for viola and piano were written in late autumn and winter of 2016. They follow the classical three-movement pattern. The first sonatina begins with a Jazz and Bluesinspired movement which quotes the chord sequence of Robert Johnson's They're red hot.This is followed by a calm and melodic middle movement, while a lively Rondo-Finale in 5/8 with a pentatonic main theme concludes the work.
Duet, Sonatina
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Vorwort / PrefaceVorwort / Preface
edition faedis, 2021
Notenbeispiel / Score exampleNotenbeispiel / Score example
edition faedis, 2021
1. Sonatine, for Viola and Piano