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Was nicht im «Heimeran» steht (What is not written in «Heimeran»), Book

Further playing possibilities from the rich string quartet repertoire
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The title of my book - What is not in «Heimeran» - is by no means reprehensible or opinionated, not in the least arrogant or even condescending, quite the contrary; I merely want to provide (as the subtitle suggests) additions to a true «long seller» that will continue to be published as long as there are house quartets. But in the last 40 years, especially in the last 25 years, so many new editions of long out-of-print works and countless first editions have appeared, and even new publishers have been founded, of whom one had no idea that it was time to make them known.
String quartet
Ewald, 2020
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Edition: Ewald, 2020
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Edition: Ewald, 2020
Was nicht im «Heimeran» steht (What is not written in «Heimeran»), Book