La Traviata, Preludio e Finale , for Viola and Guitar

2 melody instruments (flute, violin, viola, oboe, clarinet in Bb, cor anglais) and guitar
Instrument List
Viola, Guitar
Editing by
Siegfried Schwab
Playing time approx.
3 Min.
Difficulty level
Giuseppe Verdi's opera «La Traviata» (The Wayward Woman), based on Alexandre Dumas' novel 'La Dame aux camélias', has become one of the most successful opera in music history for Verdi broke new ground with this opera, both thematically and musically. The delicate and intimate musical language of the opera has now been captured by Siegfried Schwab in a new chamber music arrangement of the Preludio and Finale for flute, viola and guitar. It is even possible to replace the flute by the violin or the viola by the clarinet. A chamber music gem which makes it possible even for small ensembles to experience the atmosphere of an opera. A real treat for both musicians and listeners!
Schott, 2013
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