David S. Lefkowitz(1964)

in New York, USA
David S. Lefkowitz
Composer, music theorist, and professor David S. Lefkowitz, a native of New York City, holds degrees in music composition from Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, and The Eastman School of Music/University of Rochester. He has won international acclaim, having works performed in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, the Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Israel, and Egypt. He has won national and international competitions, including the Fukui Harp Music Awards Competition and the American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers (ASCAP) Grants to Young Composers Competition. In addition, he has won prizes and recognition from the National Association of Composers, USA (NACUSA), the Guild of Temple Musicians, Chicago Civic Orchestra, Washington International Competition, Society for New Music's Brian M. Israel Prize, the ALEA III International Competition, and the Gaudeamus Music Week. He has also been a Meet-The-Composer Composer in Residence.


Berceuse, für Violine (Flöte), Klarinette (Bratsche) und Klavier E Duo Unum, für 2 Bratschen


Berceuse, für Violine (Flöte), Klarinette (Bratsche) und Klavier, Partitur und Bratschenstimme  


Karin@vioolbouwer.nl :  Duo für Zwei Bratschen
David wrote the piece for Paul Coletti and his wife Gina Warnick in honor of their marriage. Manuscript
David S. LefkowitzDavid S. Lefkowitz
Photo: D.S. Lefkowitz