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04/05/2020InputnewMarckhl Erich
04/04/2020InputnewEmanuel Vardi
04/04/2020InputnewZitterbart Fidelis
New or updated composers and works
04/09/2020ComposernewAndersen, Fritz - new composer
04/04/2020ComposernewVardi, Emanuel - new composer
03/25/2020ComposernewSchnyder, Daniel - new composer
03/19/2020ComposerupdatedPresuhn, Alexander - Information
03/18/2020ComposerupdatedSchumann, Clara - Information
03/17/2020ComposernewBenedict, Roger - new composer
03/16/2020ComposerupdatedBrahms, Johannes - Information
03/13/2020ComposernewNagy, Vidor - new composer

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