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09/19/2020InputnewKalke Ernst-Thilo
09/18/2020InputnewDiamente Edward
09/18/2020InputnewDiemente Edward
09/04/2020InputnewSolare Juan María
08/30/2020InputnewRamón Paús
New or updated composers and works
09/24/2020ComposerupdatedKalke, Ernst-Thilo - died 2018
09/22/2020ComposernewIyer, Vijay - new composer
09/21/2020ComposerupdatedDiemente, Edward - Information
09/13/2020ComposernewSchwamm, Teresa - new editor
09/05/2020ComposernewPaús, Ramón - new composer
09/03/2020ComposernewAcosta, Rodolfo - new composer
09/01/2020ComposerupdatedRose, Michael - Link to his Website
08/30/2020ComposerupdatedBall, Derek - New liink to hit bio

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