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New or updated composers and works
11/14/2019ComposerupdatedGlinka, Michael - Information
11/13/2019ComposerupdatedFritz, Markus - Information
11/12/2019ComposerupdatedBeeck, Hans Alwin - Information
11/09/2019Composernewde Regt, Hendrik - new composer
11/09/2019ComposernewGardone, Pierce - new composer
11/08/2019ComposernewZoefel, Klaus - new composer
11/07/2019ComposernewWenzel, Eberhard - new composer
11/04/2019ComposernewSchreiber, Fritz - new composer
11/03/2019ComposernewRössel, Willy - new composer
11/02/2019ComposernewRoselius, Ludwig - new composer
11/01/2019ComposerupdatedAdrion, Gernot - Neue Information
11/01/2019ComposernewRettich, Wilhelm - new composer
10/30/2019ComposernewRauch, Josef - new composer
10/20/2019ComposernewDuke, John Woods - new composer
10/18/2019ComposernewDorson, C. - new composer
10/18/2019ComposernewEwazen, Eric - new composer

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