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New or updated composers and works
03/31/2023WorknewHarberg, Amanda - Elegy
03/31/2023ComposernewHusmann, Mathias - new composer
03/21/2023WorknewHarberg, Amanda - Prayer
03/15/2023ComposernewGuzmán, Édgar - new composer
03/14/2023ComposernewHarberg, Amanda - new composer
03/13/2023ComposernewHarrison, Sadie - new composer
03/11/2023ComposernewHerrera, Marlon - new composer
03/09/2023ComposernewHong, Alice Y. - new composer
03/08/2023ComposernewHong, Sungji - new composer
03/07/2023ComposernewHsu, Chiayu - new composer
03/07/2023ComposernewCarro, Mario - new composer
03/06/2023ComposernewIsetani, Natsuki - new composer
03/03/2023ComposernewGuzmán, Édgar - new composer
03/02/2023ComposerupdatedAaltonen, Erkki Werner

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