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New or updated composers and works
04/10/2024ComposerupdatedLiPuma, Nelly - Picture
04/10/2024ComposernewLint, Cornelis
04/09/2024ComposernewLiPuma, Nelly - new composer
04/06/2024ComposerupdatedGaw, Kenneth - Information
04/04/2024ComposerupdatedLöffler, Gerhardt - Information
04/04/2024ComposerupdatedSoley, David - Information
04/04/2024ComposernewGaw, Kenneth - new composer
04/02/2024ComposernewSoley, David - new composer
03/26/2024WorkupdatedAvni, Tzvi - Phoenix, for Viola
03/19/2024ComposerupdatedWermann, Friedrich Oskar
03/11/2024WorkupdatedArad, Atar - Tikvah, for Viola
03/11/2024WorkupdatedArad, Atar - Sonata for Viola
03/08/2024ComposerupdatedGramann, Ruth
02/19/2024ComposerupdatedThorvaldsdóttir, Anna S.

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