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New or updated composers and works
01/17/2022WorkupdatedHawkins, John - Tri, for 6 Va
01/17/2022Composernewvan Geel, Oene - new composer
01/15/2022ComposernewChoi, Chang Seok - new composer
01/14/2022ComposernewHansen, Jan - new composer
01/13/2022ComposernewChoi, Young Shin - new composer
01/11/2022ComposernewChong, Kee Yong - new composer
01/09/2022ComposerupdatedClarke, Rebecca - Information
01/09/2022ComposernewHans, Olga - new composer
01/04/2022ComposerupdatedBond, Victoria Ellen - Information
01/03/2022ComposernewBehrend, Jeanne - new composer
01/03/2022ComposernewBor, Modesta - new composer
01/02/2022ComposernewBorda, Germán - new composer
01/01/2022ComposernewHamilton, Arthur - new composer
12/30/2021ComposernewGroh, Johann - new composer
12/27/2021ComposerupdatedBandini, Bruno - Information
12/27/2021ComposernewBarroso, Edgar - new composer
12/27/2021WorkupdatedGrahn, Ulf - Duo for 2 Va
12/25/2021ComposernewGrime, Helen - new composer

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