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Miniatures, for Viola and Piano

Instrument List
Viola, Piano
Year (created)
Playing time approx.
10 Min.
Debut performance
September 4, 2009, St Mary's Church, South Creake, Norfolk, UK | Simon Rowland-Jones, Viola | Huw Watkins, Piano
Huw Watkin's Minatures for viola and piano were written for violist Simon Rowland-Jones and first performed at the North Norfolk Music Festival in 2009. There are eight short movements. The first has the viola playing short, sometimes angular, sometimes lyrical fragments over simple, slow-moving harmonies on the piano. The fourth and the seventh movements are variations on the first. In between are highly contrasted miniatures: number two is fast and impassioned, while number three is slow and contemplative. The fifth miniature has the viola playing rapid semiquavers over insistent repeated notes in the piano, while the final movement is very slow and serene. (Huw Watkins)
I Lento
II Allegro vigoroso
III Andante lento
IV Lento
V Allegro molto
VI Lamentoso
VII Lento
VIII Adagio
Ewald · Directory «Musik für Bratsche», CH, 2013
Schott, 2009
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Edition: Schott, 2009 (ED 13284)
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Edition: Schott, 2009 (ED 13284)
Miniatures, for Viola and Piano